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Imagine if your to-do list was seamlessly taken care of and all you had to do was… grow your business

The best way to reduce your admin costs

Virtual Admin Co. offers small businesses a range of administrational services to alleviate some of the admin tasks that can hold up a business from being as productive as possible. 

Here are a few of the services we offer that can make your business life a lot easier…


Inbox management

Drafting correspondence

Auto-response email templates 

PowerPoint presentations (from raw data)

Copywriting and editing

File management

Calendar management & scheduling

Digital Marketing

Brand & logo creation

Crafting social media ads

WordPress editing

Content marketing

EDM – Email marketing

Professional blogging

Content marketing

Image uploads for industry portals


Document formatting

Document creation of:

User manuals

Instruction manuals

Policy & procedure manuals

Business Plans

Spreadsheet creation

Too busy working on your business rather than in it..?

Look at the advantages of outsourcing… when you organise and free up your time, you make more time to work on your business, why not try it today!

Thinking brain

Stay more Focused

When you’re not trying to tackle too many things at once or being overwhelmed with little things you can stay more focused on the job at hand and focus your efforts on growing your business. 

Light bulb

Become more Efficient

Doubling down on efficiencies means you can improve systems whether that’s marketing, accounting, customer service, scheduling. Ask the question, what systems are weak and how can you improve them to be more efficient. 

Cost effective

When you’re working with Virtual Admin Co. your only hiring the time to undertake those tasks.  You don’t need to hire full-time staff,  employment contacts, no computer, no desk, no insurances, work cover, payg, need I say more…


Get organised

When you free up your time, you become more organised.  You can run your business more effectively. Organise your time your space and your business to run like clockwork. 

Boost productivity

Running a business means you need to be extremely productive. Being busy doing admin tasks is not going to build your business. Leave the menial admin tasks to a virtual assistant who can probably do it a lot faster so you can be more productive. 


Run your business like clockwork, systemise, and streamline the processors that hold up the process of exchange between your product or service and your customer. 

Find out the advantages of working with Virtual Admin Co. 

Grow your business today!

Make your time count, let go of trying to do those menial admin tasks that keep you from growing your business!!

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